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I made a lightweight installation-free launcher tool (Windows only).
I think that knowledge of HTML is somewhat necessary, but it should be fine if only using it is simple.

On the contrary, if you have knowledge you can customize this app appearance.
Since jQuery is also incorporated internally, you should be able to modify to a rich interface. By default, jQuery is used for menu switching and calling icons.

Since it is unnecessary for installation, you can use it on a computer that can not install any application. Also a registry and other environments are never dirty.
And more, it can be used not only on a personal computer but also on a server. I think that it can be used conveniently by registering folders and files used in your routine works.

【How to use】
Download the file from here.
Please unzip it and place it wherever you want, such as the desktop.

You can use it just by starting up.
Sample folders and files are registered in the application. Click on "edit" at the bottom of the screen to open Notepad, so please try editing with reference to the sample. It can be edited in the same way as normal HTML editing.

In addition, size and display position can be changed. For details, refer to the edit screen displayed after clicking "edit" as above.